Register: Calgary-area School Boards

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If you’re homeschooling in the province of Alberta, you need to register with a school board. These are the Calgary and area school boards that support homeschooling:


• Calgary Board of Education

• Home Learning Connections

• Phoenix Foundation

Variously Religious

• School of Hope

• Families Learning Together / Lighthouse Christian School

• The Centre for Learning at Home (St. Paul’s)

• Wisdom Homeschooling

• Argyll Centre

• Roots Homeschooling

VETERAN’S TIP:So many choices! Which school board should I go with? The more confident you are in how you want to homeschool and the less hand-holding and guidance from your school board you require, the less it matters which school board you join. The more guidance and reassurance you think you will need, the more important it is that you get the “right fit.” Ultimately, though, it comes down more to the connection between you and your facilitator than the actual school board. My advice? All other things being equal, go with the crowd: that is, the school board that seems to resonate the most with your friends or the folks you meet in the community who you would like to be your friends. Like attracts like, birds of a feather and all that: if everyone you meet from a particular school board makes you want to run for the woods, and another school board makes you think you’re rediscovering long-lost friends, well, what more do you need?

BEST BOARD FOR UNSCHOOLING? The consensus in the community is that Home Learning Connections is the most unschooling-supporting board (but it very much depends on your facilitator). However, there are unschoolers thriving at vritually every board. We have with the most “schooly” board out there, the Calgary Board of Education, and have found our facilitator incredibly supportive of our entire learning adventure.

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