Explore: The City As Your “Classroom”

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The best thing about homeschooling? The world’s your classroom. So start exploring. And start close to home, mining all the opportunities our city has to offer.

The Two Essentials

The Incredibly Awesome Calgary Public Library

The Incredibly Affordable City of Calgary Arts and Recreation Programmes

The Museums and Main Attractions

The Big Four

• Spark: Calgary’s (New) Science Centre

• The Calgary Zoo

• Glenbow Museum

• Heritage Park Historical Village

Smaller And More Focused

• Fort Calgary

• Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

• The Military Museums

• Aero Space Museum

• Firefighters Museum of Calgary

• Calgary Police Services Interpretive Centre

• Peter Lougheed House

• Olympic Hall of Fame and Museum

• Cantos Music Foundation Collection

• Chinese Cultural Centre

Parks, Parks, Parks

Its many, many parks are key among the things that make Calgary such a wonderful place to live and raise nature-loving children. No excuse for raising a child with nature-deficit disorder in this city! Grab a copy of Jim Foley’s Calgary’s Natural Parks: yours to explore (Calgary Field Naturalists’ Society, 2006) and get to know the wild in your city.

Some of our favourites are:

• Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

• Prince’s Island

• McHugh’s Bluff

• Edworthy Park

• Nosehill Park

• Fish Creek Park

• Pearce Estates

• Griffith Woods

…and there are dozens more. Not sure how to start off your homeschooling adventure? How’s this: start a bucket list of city parks and playgrounds. Journal it if you like. Photograph it. Blog it. Or–just do it and enjoy it.


The Four Best Out-of-town Day Trips

• Go (north-)East: The Royal Tyrrell Museum Palaeontology  in Drumheller

• Go West: Bodacious Banff

• So South: Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

• Go North(-west): Cowboy Cochrane

Other Favourites

• The Okotoks Erratic

• Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

• Ghost Lake Recreational Area

• Leighton Art Centre Gallery and Museum

… and ever so many more. Raid the library for a copy of Bill Corbet’s Day Trips from Calgary (2010) or Joanne Elves’ Explore Southern Alberta, add to it the off-the-beaton path Heritage Trees of Alberta, and explore. Call it history, call it nature studies, snap some pics and call it photography…

When you run out of ideas, check out this Wikipedia List of Museums in Alberta. There are some treasures here I haven’t seen first-hand yet. Good thing life is long, eh?

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