Share This: What the modern world has forgotten about children and learning

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This is a very, very long read, by Carol Black of, arrived in my newsfeed via a fellow unschooler via Films For Action, but well-worth the investment:

A Thousand Rivers: What the Modern World has Forgotten about Children and Learning

This paragraph really speaks to me, personally:

We still need need wisdom, not data, to raise good children. Ironically, while the science of learning is still crude, primitive, the cultures some call “primitive” embed knowledge about human development that is sophisticated, profound, nuanced, and empirical, based on thousands of years of observation, intuition, experimentation, insight. Talk to gifted scientists, writers, artists, entrepreneurs. You will find they learned like a Yanomami child learns, through keen observation, experimentation, immersion, freedom, participation, through real play and real work, through the kind of free activity where the distinction between work and play disappears. Talk to a really good auto mechanic, carpenter, farmer, fiddle player, web designer, film editor, songwriter, photographer, chef, and you will find they learned the same way.

– Carol Black

Read the piece and see what speaks to you.