Share This: Teaching math in schools is counterproductive


Rod Junkins argues 1930s research proves ya’ don’t need to teach ’em math:

“Louis Benezet carried out audacious research. He asked the principals of schools in Manchester, New Hampshire to drop math from the early grades. No teaching of arithmetic. No adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. Benezet was exploring the idea that teaching math in the early grades was a waste of the children’s time. Benezet allowed math to be introduced in sixth grade when he felt the children were old enough to cope with it and actually learn from it.

Benezet specified that early grades spent the time they would normally spend on math to chatting about interesting things, movies, TV programmes or anything that created an animated debate. He believed this would increase children’s ability to think logically.”

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My own children’s math journey echoes these findings: Unschooling math.

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