Learning Plan: Grade 7 & 5

Pre-amble: I’m a little shocked that I’m writing a GRADE SEVEN! Learning Plan. When the heck did that happen?


Cinder, on his 12th birthday. When did that happen?

Cinder, Grade 7
Flora, Grade 5
Ender, Kindergarten (unregistered)

Prepared for the Calgary Board of Education, August 31, 2014
by “Jane”

Parents’ Goals and Objectives

We feel that because of the post-flood-related stress and trauma, last year was a bit of a coasting/get-through year for us, and so our key goal for this year is to be more present, conscious and aware of the all three children’s learning, social and other needs. As always, we are in search of the perfect—and thus ever-changing and fluid—routine. In terms of specific “check this box” goals for any of the children, we have none bar continue learning and loving learning, although Marzena plans to put more world history/history of science reading on the agenda, as well as documentary watching, and Sean wants to take the kids, in particular Cinder, to the mountains more.


Gratitude Wall, continued

Family Clay Class

November Trip to Mexico

Spring Camping Trip to Kelowna


Key Goal:

  • To finish 400 pages of math
  • To really work on programming

Key Projects:

  • Handwriting/copy work. Primarily from Calvin & Hobbes and Farside.
  • Daily contribution to Gratitude Wall.
  • Math-U-See; goal is to cover two to three years worth of curriculum this year.
  • Learning programming: Scratch and Code Academy.
  • Fencing and pentathalon training, once a week.
  • Rock-climbing, one to three times a week.
  • Boardgame meet-ups with Fall-con.


Key Goal:

  • To start training to be a zoologist
  • To continue working on my art

Key Projects:

  • Handwriting, journaling and introduction of dictation.
  • Daily contribution to Gratitude Wall.
  • Math-U-See, at least one year of curriculum.
  • Tang Soo Do, twice a week.
  • Art, self-directed, and classes
  • Learn basic Spanish before Mexico trip
  • Take Red Cross Babysitters’ Program (in 2015, after 10th birthday)
  • Music: pondering starting playing guitar again, or participating in choir again


Key Goal:

  • To learn my letters
  • To use my art kit

Key Projects:

  • Daily Gratitude Wall contribution, assisted.
  • Learning his letters.
  • Building Math.


On the bookshelf right now:

Theodore Gray’s The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe and Mad Science: Experiments You Can Do At Home But Probably Shouldn’t and Mad Science 2: More Experiments You Can Do At Home But Probably Shouldn’t 

Marcus Chown’s Solar System: A Visual Exploration of the Planets, Moons, and Other Heavenly Bodies That Orbit Our Sun

Joy Hakim’s The Story of Science

An assortment of Ed Emberly drawing books

Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time graphic novels

Avi’s City of Light, City of Dark

The Amulet of Samarkand

Colin Melby’s The Wildwood Chronicles (for Cinder only)

Rick Riordan’s Guide to the Greek Gods, the graphic novel version of Rick Riordan’s Titan’s Curse… and anxiously waiting for The Blood of Olympus

Also, always: Calvin & Hobbes, Farside, and Larry Gonick’s The Cartoon History of the Universe

Dorling Kindersley/Smithsonian’s Natural History

Dorling Kindersley/Smithsonian’s Timelines of Science

Christopher Marx’s The Ultimate Timeline of World History


We’re currently drastically changing a number of things about our work situations right now, so any schedule we present now is unlikely to be in effect come October, let alone June. What we’re shooting for right now:

  • Daily (morningish) handwriting practice
  • Daily (after supper) contribution to Gratitude Wall
  • Daily read-alouds with Marzena (Mom’s choice) (lunch-timish)
  • Two-to-three times weekly math sessions
  • Weekly family documentary viewing (negotiated choice)
  • Weekly board game night; monthly Fall-con board game meet-up for Cinder
  • Once-to-twice-monthly out-of-city excursions
  • Once-to-twice-monthly, at the very minimum, family swim
  • Once-monthly hosted games night/potluck

What it really means:

Daily = most days, weekends included, because life ensures that these activities can’t get done once or twice a week anyway without taking a fake weekend break

Weekly probably really means every other week. But we’ll try.

Once-to-twice-monthly will probably mean every other month. But it’s good to have “reach for” goals.

We look forward to a tranquil, routine year, with just enough detours to be exciting.