An un-typical #unschooling week looks like this

I’m often asked what a typical day–typical week looks like. Here’s one that could be typical. Or not. Be a Timelord and travel backwards through time and space with me, will you?

Tomorrow, we road trip into the Rocky Mountains! On the menu: a fab book on tape as we drive (we’re planning to introduce a friend who’s road tripping with us to either Bunnicula or Hank the Cowdog… or maybe the first How to Train Your Dragon Book), a lazy hike or two at the whim of the group’s youngest members, a visit to the candy store, maybe a soak in the sulphurous hot springs… We return to the city in time for an Equinox party with friends. ‘t will be a fab day. Amount of planned “looks like school” time? Zero.

This Thursday–today–my mom is taking Flora, Ender, their cousins and a friend to Drumheller to visit the dragons. Er, dinosaurs. Meanwhile, Cinder’s hanging out with a friend’s rowdy boy-crew while his daddy networks and edits video and his mom–well, that’s a secret. Ssssh. She might be working. Or just pretending to… There will be rock climbing in the afternoon. And probably a movie in the evening. Amount of planned “looks like school” time? The kids worked on the Gratitude Wall before leaving the house. So… three minutes.

Wednesday, we did some handwriting, worked on our Gratitude Wall, and did math. That all took about 15 minutes. Then we went swimming for three hours with friends. Minecraft, boardgames, books and Youtube videos and/or Netflix in the evening.

You: “What the heck is this Gratitude Wall?”

Me: “Oh, it’s such a neat idea. You’ll see a photo of it very soon…”

Tuesday, we spent the entire day at the Science Centre with a gaggle of friends. Flora had Tang Soo Do in the evening, which Ender attended as a spectator. Cinder spent that time Skyping and Minecrafting with friends. Much reading. Book of the Moment: Tony DiTerlizzi’s The Search for WondLa.

Monday, I ran away, as I always do on Mondays and Thursdays, and the kids spent most of the day with their dad. Its highlight: a walk and trip to the grocery store for staples, and for all the things I never buy. Also, draining the lake that the winter melt is creating in our Common area. Flora disappeared for a big chunk of the day into a neighbour’s house. Cinder went roaming in the wilderness that abuts our neighbourhood. Ender got very dirty, very wet, and very tired. Looks like schoolwork? There was no time…

Sunday, we spent the morning slushing through beautiful Fish Creek Park. Then eating cupcakes. Then just chilling at home, because Saturday and Sunday were so full and exciting. Shows were watched, games were played, books were read, invitations to play with friends were turned down, because everyone needed downtime. Early bedtimes for everyone.

Saturday, we had visitors in and our of the house all day. Flora got invited to see a school play by one of her friends and disappeared for a few hours. Cinder spent a lot of time Skyping and Minecrafting and running around like a madman outside. Sean did some bathroom renos, and then he and a friend mudded out basement (there was this flood, see… and we’re still rebuilding). Then we fed our friends and played board games (Munchkin Apocalypse and Love Letter) while the littlest kids watched movies under Flora’s supervision. Looks like schoolwork? Um, well… there was a lot of reading and strategy involved in all the games we played. Plus, theatre? Mudding?

 Friday, we spent the morning at home doing stuff. Like laundry. Then, we met friends at our Secret Spot on the banks of the Elbow River. I’d tell you more about it, but then I’d have to kill you. It is, you see a Secret Spot. Back home in soaked shoes and pants–our city is melting–and then, off to a community fam-friendly St. Patrick’s Day party. Looks like school work? Um… laundry. No? Doesn’t count?

Well, there you go. A week. Typical? Atypical? Just a week. The weather’s lovely, so we’re outside a LOT. That means “looks like schoolwork” is even rarer than it is during a terrible winter cold snap. But that doesn’t mean learning isn’t happening. You know that, right? Right. So I won’t lecture. I’ll show you some awesome photos instead.

The game is… can you spot the Gratitude Wall?

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