Quote This: Anthony Storr on the value of solitude


It appears… that some development of the capacity to be alone is necessary if the brain is to function at its best, and if the individual is to fulfil his highest potential. Human beings easily become alienated from their own deepest needs and feelings. Learning, thinking, innovation and maintaining contact with one’s own inner world are all facilitated by solitude.

Anthony Storr

Recently, on Nothing By The Book, I was pontificating on yelling, authenticity, aspiration and the usefulness of judgemental relatives-and-strangers. Readers really liked the concept-metaphor of “Aunt Augusta.” Check her out. Earlier, my friends and I played off the #365feministselfie initiative and the award season crazy to create #WhoAreYouWearingMom–which led to this out-of-the-box post on clothes as message, value, consciousness.