Quote This: Jessica Olien on how schools squash creativity

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… the place where our first creative ideas go to die is the place that should be most open to them—school. Studies show that teachers overwhelminglydiscriminate against creative students, favoring their satisfier classmates who more readily follow directions and do what they’re told.

Even if children are lucky enough to have a teacher receptive to their ideas, standardized testing and other programs like No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top (a program whose very designation is opposed to nonlinear creative thinking) make sure children’s minds are not on the “wrong” path, even though adults’ accomplishments are linked far more strongly to their creativity than their IQ. It’s ironic that even as children are taught the accomplishments of the world’s most innovative minds, their own creativity is being squelched.

Jessica Olien,  Inside the Box: people don’t actually like creativity (Slate.com)

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