Unschooling looks like this #5

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This is how Flora spent her morning yesterday.

I hope the cup of free coffee, kiss and big hug are for me.

The critic: “How old is she? My eight-year-old, who goes to public school, has way better handwriting than that!”

Jane: “That’s awesome for your eight-year-old, and I’m thrilled you’re proud of her. My eight-year-old writes and creates like this, and that’s awesomeness to me.”

The critic: “Look at all those reversed ones. And the missing ‘e’ in coffee and breakfast. Don’t you correct her errors?”

Jane: “When I show her how to write something, I write it correctly–and when it’s one of the common kid errors, I mention to her what the mistake sometimes is, and how to self-check. When she asks me to check something for her, and she wants to make sure it’s ‘clean,’ I’ll flag the reversed letter or spelling error. When she creates like this, freely, with joy and love and abandon… I’d as soon scour a love letter for typos as the lover looks on or point out errors in a friend’s text.”*

*Unless it’s one of those Damn-you-auto-correct! kind of errors. I’d probably howl at it and point it out. And take a screen shot of it. Um. Anyway…



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