Quote This: 8 y o Flora on homeschooling… and explosives

Flora in R2 Ears

“The best thing about homeschooling is that you get to learn whatever you want to learn right away, when you want to–not later, not sometime. I mean–if you were really interested in explosives and wanted to be a demolition expert, would they teach you that at school when you were eight? I doubt it.”

Flora Marsh

File under “great principle, um, I’m not so sure you’ve used the best possible example, ma’baby.” Still. I love it when they “get” what the best thing about how they’re learning is. That they appreciate that… if the passion of the moment is Minecraft, everything can be Minecraft. If it’s drawing unicorns, so be it. If it’s Horrible Histories immersion, that’s not a “free time” project–it’s anytime, all the time, for as long as they need to be in that space. If it’s reading and re-reading Percy Jackson books–or the Farside–or maybe not reading at all, maybe it’s all about rocks and sticks and swimming and climbing mountains because the weather is beautiful, and there will be time for books, books, books when it’s too cold to spend 16 hours a day outside…

We are so very, very lucky.

For the record, Cinder did know more about explosives at age 8 than anyone really should. But as far as I know, he never set anything off… Flora’s enjoyment of things that go boom is mostly of the Mythbusters-watching passive variety, and Ender’s more into the wrecking-ball type demolition than anything more technical.

Now you know.

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