Quote This: Ernie Cline on video games

Ready Player One

Being human totally sucks most of the time.

Video games are the only think that make life bearable.

Anorak’s Almanac, Chaper 91 Verses 1-2
in Ernie Cline’s Ready Player One

 If you wonder why your boy loves video games so much, sit down somewhere quiet for a minute, and make a list of all the things he can’t do… until he’s older… because it’s not safe… because it’s too expensive… because you can’t take him… because he just can’t.

He can do them all with mouse and keyboard. (And controller, I guess. I have a PC gamer in the house. The X-box is occasionally used as a DVD player only.)

Now. I will not be dogmatic about screen time and video games… no one-size-fits-all solution to how much is too much, how much is healthy and creative, what limits are reasonable–what defines a limit… I won’t even tell you what we do in our house, because next week, maybe it will be different.

But I will tell you this, again and again and again: if your child loves to play video games, and all you do is dis the thing they love and talk about what a waste of time it is and how much you hate it… you are damaging your present and future relationship with your child.

Watch. Ask. Figure out what they love. Why they love it.

You don’t have to play. You don’t have to love it.

But try to understand it. And respect it.

From Nothing By The Book: How I got deprogrammed and learned to love video games