Happy first week of not-back-to-school

My Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of “First Day of School!” photos and stories. I love seeing the pictures of my friends’ beautiful children, and the love of their parents manifest in the joy/anxiety/celebration/all that of The First Day. The New Beginning. What will this coming year bring? All is possible…

We don’t mark this milestone quite the same way on our unschooling journey. June morphs into July, and August just becomes September one day. There are changes, for sure–I need to file some paperwork, and our school board facilitator comes for a visit, and I buy new notebooks (I love new notebooks) and martial arts and gymnastics and music start up again, and oh, are we going to take a family clay class this fall? And what about season’s tickets to the children’s theatre, are we going to do that? And should we get Science Centre passes in September or wait until January? And what about…

But I don’t mark the first day of unschool in September. I can’t really. When does it begin? It never ends, you see… Still. I feel compelled by social media to inflict share some early September photos of my beautiful children with you. And you–aren’t you curious what we crazy unschoolers do when everyone else grabs their backpacks and lunches? Sure you are.

Here’s what Cinder, Flora and Ender’s not-back-to-school week 2013 looked like:

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This week on Nothing By The Book, I go all weepy and soft in What defines you as a parent? Have a peek if you haven’t yet; it’s an… interesting post. Not nearly as controversial as the one about, you know, hair brushing, but. Provoking in its own way.

6 responses to “Happy first week of not-back-to-school

  1. Happy first week of not going back to school our friends! I shall forever think of you when looking at a duck’s butt ❤

  2. I spent this “school” day canning pears with my girl. We talked about the war in Syria and why it was a big deal that the president asked congress for permission to act. We talked about why some of the pears were different, even though they grew on the same tree (it was a graft). We talked about how many quarts are in a gallon, how many pints are in a quart and why you can fit more cooked pears than raw into a jar. I had whole semesters at school where I learned less than my kid did today without a book in sight. It is hard to explain sometimes to people who haven’t experienced it, but so easy to see when you’re in the middle of it.

  3. Love this so much. We kinda started school. He needs the rhythm so we are waking up, getting fed and dressed and going exploring every morning.

  4. The learning never ends when school or unschool does. The only thing that is different is that I am handing over my child to a stranger who I hope with all hopes will keep him safe and will teach him the things I cannot (no really…I wanted to stab my jugular trying to teach him the alphabet so you have my utmost respect! It takes an amazing person to do what you do. It really does.)
    I’m very nostalgic…in a very annoying way. I apologize 🙂
    Everyone does their own thing and I think it’s awesome that you’re documenting what they (and you) do. You’re making solid memories WITH them. And that? Is pretty friggen awesome.

  5. How lovely…as we journeyed into our first week ‘not back to school’ found us on one of our sunny, balmy, breezy days kite flying but discussing power of air, air currents, how kites fly, how birds fly, contrails (behind jets – many in sky) and showed a grade one class our dragon kite (who had moved outside to play in park during gym time b/c gym was too stuffy and hot) and they cheered the kite up and away. As we are into week two we headed to a corn maze in the middle of the day and though that sounds simple, it was simple and lovely and connecting – grounding to nature, and the animals in the petting area, and to each other. DD was soooo excited to come home bringing fresh farm corn for supper to show her papa.

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