Resource: Gecko & Sticky

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What is it: The Gecko & Sticky series by Wendelin Van Draanen. The four books in the series are Sinister Substitute (#1), The Greatest Power (#2), Villain’s Lair (#3) and The Power Potion (#4), and they’re centred around the adventures of Dave, his talking gecko, and their evil nemesis Damien Black. Does the plot synopsis sound ridiculous? It is. But it’s also very fun. I mean–a talking gecko! Come on!

Who loves it: Cinder (11) and Flora (8) and Ender (3.5). Their parents, to be frank, not so much–while okay the first time, the books do not stand up to regular re-readings. Fortunately, Flora can read them on her own and they call come on audio book at the library! Phew. They’re a little young for Cinder, I think, and he wouldn’t seek them out on his own at this age, but he enjoys listening to them with Flora. And I wouldn’t get them for the first 3.5 year old in the house–the interest of the elder two is a necessary part of the reason Ender is into these books.

Something fun: Random House’s Gecko & Sticky book… video trailer. Oh, yeah:


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