Resource: Meet George O’Connor and the Olympians as you’ve never seen them before


What is it? An amazing series of graphic novels, written and illustrated by George O’Connor, that retells the Greek myths… not exactly with a twist–O’Connor is faithful to the core of each myth, but his interpretation of what’s most important, what he chooses to focus in on–truly stellar. So far in the series, he has done Zeus, Athena, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon, and Aphrodite is coming in 2014.

Who loves it? All of us. Cinder is 11 and Flora is 8, and it’s getting harder to find books to explore together as a family that resonate with both of them. These books absolutely do. They’ve been readind and re-reading them for three years (Zeus and Athena came out in 2010, at the beginning of Cinder and Flora’s Hellenic obsession). A test for me of any book is, “Am I willing to read it AGAIN? For the 12th time?” And I am. Although I was so thrilled when Poseidon finally hit the shelves, and can’t wait for Aphrodite.

Where to get it? All the usual places. Although I encourage you to support your local indie comic store. If you’re in YYC, go to Another Dimension in Kensington. Our wonderful public library also has multiple copies of the books if you want to test drive them.

Check out George O’Connor’s on-line sketchbook to get to know him better. You can also find his official page on Facebook.


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