Share This: Homeschooling trumps full day kindergarten

Books on crash mat

This is an older article, but it’s making the rounds again in my neck of the woods, have a peek:

Some time ago, our library held an information night for home-schooling parents. The room was jam-packed.
Seated beside a mom with coiffed hair, polished nails and an elegant suit, I listened wide-eyed as audience members talked about a world I had totally misunderstood and stereotyped.
They talked about children who weren’t being challenged at school – one daughter came home crying, begging her mom to let her stay home and “teach” herself. Another parent described a school that just didn’t know what to do with her rambunctious boy, so she decided to take over. He excelled.

None of them were hippies. None seemed overly religious or way out there. In fact, the only trait they shared was a conviction that they – as moms and dads – could better prepare their children for life.

from Amira Elghawaby, Not So Fast: homeschooling trups full day kindergarten (full text within link)
The Globe & Mail, June 18, 2009


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