This is what unschooling looks like #1

Sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words:

photo (23)

And that’s all. ♥

This week, on Nothing By The Book, I’ve set off a bit of a body image + girls maelstorm with “Please don’t give my daughter an eating disorder. But you will. Yes, you will…” — if you meander over there to give it a read, spend some time on the comments, especially that by Tirzah Duncan of The Inkcaster.

And if you’ve got daughters and body image issues weigh heavily on your mind, check out these posts the commentators wrote/forwarded to me in the resulting discussion:

Introduction to Eating Disorders by Urban Moo Cow — Deb didn’t have any issues with her body… until her encounter with this whacked teacher

Body Image by Tao of Poop — Rachel’s daughter still loves her belly. For how much longer?

and, wow, this one:

My body is amazing from Villainy Loveless — this one arrived in my in-box via Tarot by Janine the day I was being ripped to shreds for my body image post on Reddit. Thanks, Villainy. Much love and appreciation.

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