Why I never worried about my late reader, in pictures, Part II

Two weeks ago, I took you on a tour of our bookshelves and the books scattered throughout the kids’ bedrooms–books left wherever they are being read… books being read everywhere, available everywhere–jointly, the secret (not-so-secret) reason I never thought of Cinder as a “reluctant” reader or worried that he wouldn’t learn to read. Here are a more places in our house where books live:

The “crap” cubby in the kitchen, to which I move the things crowding the kitchen table when it’s time to eat:

Books in Crap Cubby

Under the filing box on the kitchen bench by the window (best place to sit and read on a sunny afternoon):

Book on Bench

On the chair:

Book on Chair Avatar

On the floor (Flora was reading this one to Ender while he played with his dinosaurs):

Book Under Dino

By the computer, of course, amongst DVDs and audiobooks:

Books by Flora Computer

In the basket of stuff that needs to go upstairs:

Books in Basket

On the crash mat by the patio door (yes, we have a crash mat in the living room; also a trapeze bar and gymnastics rings–if you have a Cinder and an Ender, you do too):

Books on crash mat

There are also books in nooks:

Books in Nooks

And books beside notebooks (I totally crush on Tim Ferriss; now you know):

Books with Notebooks

Books under boardgames:

Books Under Boardgames


And of course the pile of books ready to read by the couch:

Books Beside Couch


Oh, and did I mention, there are also three ereaders in the house?

Books on ereader


I like it when the books are all beautifully organized on their shelves. Every few weeks, I go through the house and gather them all up and sort them into their various categories and put them back in their proper places. (I generally do this when I have a pressing work deadline yet also a desperate desire to procrastinate…)

But I like it very much when our shelves look like this:

Books Baby Raided


… because books want to be read.

Not displayed.


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