Resource: Danny Dragonbreath


What is it: A series of combo comic/text chapter books about a trouble-loving dragon called Danny and his best friend/sidekick Wendell the Iguana. Presented like that, it sounds kind of lame… it isn’t. It’s a very clever, well-written, engaging series of books. Danny and Wendell may be a dragon and an iguana, but they’re real kids–with real attitude, real problems and kick-ass imaginations.

Tell me more: There are eight titles out right now:


Dragonbreath #2: Attack of the Ninja Frogs,

Dragonbreath #3: Curse of the Wereweiner,

Dragonbreath #4: Lair of the Bat Monster,

Dragonbreath #5: No Such Thing As Ghosts,

Dragonbreath #6: Revenge of the Horned Bunnies,

Dragonbreath #7: When Fairies Go Bad, and

Dragonbreath #8: Nightmare of the Iguana,

and the kids think, with the exception of The Curse of the Wereweiner, they get better as the series goes on.

Why we love it: It’s funny. It’s gross. It’s exciting, but not too scary. It’s one of the few books that I can read to the 10 year old whacky boy, the eight-year-old sensitive girl, and the three-and-a-half year old beastling at the same time. Flora is also reading the books independently and is very proud that she can read one full chapter book in a day. So, you know–win-win all around. I also really appreciate that the mandatory educational content (about, say, bats in Lair of the Bat Monster, or the southwestern desert in Revenge of the Horned Bunnies) actually just fits into the story and isn’t delivered in a heavy-handed “we interrupt this story to ensure you’re learning something” manner.

You can visit Author Ursula Vernon’s site for more information–but it’s not a stellar site, and you’re probably better of getting to know Danny at GoodReads, or checking out the Penguin Dragonbreath corner or, you know, just trust me and go get the books.


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