Resource: illustrator extraordinaire Nathan Hale

Figure from Nathan Hale statue outside the Chi...

Have you met Nathan Hale? We just stumbled across him recently at our public library. And we’re in love. Hale is a very talented graphic novel illustrator and writer, and in this graphic novel-loving family, our only complaint is that he has not been prolific enough to date. Check out these titles:

One Dead Spy and Big Bad Ironclad, both written and illustrated by Nathan Hale, take a look at the American Civil War. In one of the most clever, entertaining—and at the same time thoughtful—ways imaginable.

 Calamity Jack and Rapunzel’s Revenge are illustrated by Nathan Hale, and written by a couple of other Hales (not relatives, by the way–Shannon and Dale). Both are immensely clever modern-yet-fantasy twists on classical fairy tales. Cinder (10.5) and Flora (8) devoured these. They were a little scary for their 3.5 year old brother—but he is not the intended target audience. And both parents enjoyed the stories so much we had a fight over who got to read it aloud at bedtime… for the second and third time.

Ages: Cinder and Flora are almost 11 and 8 right now, and both love the books.

For more information and titles, check out Nathan Hale’s website and blog at Space Station Nathan.

Nothing By The Book is all about unfooding this week:

Secret to raising healthy eaters: don’t feed your kids crap; don’t force “good for you food” down their gullets

and for those of you chasing math dreams, have a peek at Lula B’s continuing playing with math series at Navigating By Joy. This week, they’re playing with tessellations.


3 responses to “Resource: illustrator extraordinaire Nathan Hale

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  2. we love these graphic novels too…nothing like a braid whipping heroin. we too fight over who gets to read the good ones out-loud. ’tis a good sign that a book is worth a recommendation!

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