“My kids tell people they don’t learn anything at home”


One of the most embarrassing moments as a homeschooling parent and unschooling advocate came the year we didn’t send Cinder to kindergarten. Cinder and Flora were chasing each other around the playground, and another mom, who happened to be a high school teacher whose eldest daughter, the same age as Cinder, had just started kindergarten, ) asked me how things were going with “that homeschooling thing.”

As I replied, “Fine,” Cinder shouted defiantly, “I’m not learning anything!” This on a day which he had spent immersed in the Periodic Table, never mind all the freakin’ dinosaur and geology books I read to him, by his request…

 Since then, I’ve heard this a few times now: unschooled/homeschooled kids thinking they’re not learning anything at home—and telling this to people, often joyfully, sometimes definitely, almost always to the embarrassment of their parents.

 Do your kids do that? If they do, ask yourself these two questions:

1. Is it because they pick up, not from their awesome parents, of course, but from the world around them, that learning is supposed to be onerous, boring, and forced upon them, and, because *that* is absent from their lives, they think they’re not learning?

and, if so,

2. What can we (the awesome parents) actively do something about countering that mindset?


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