Resource: Horrible Histories, for all your senses


We’re huge fans of all things Horrible here: Horrible Science, Horrible Geographies, Horrible Histories… Cinder (10.5) is really enjoying Horrible Histories right now, and we’ve reading through the books in haphazard fashion for  couple of years, traversing 5000 years of recorded history and millennia of guessed and artistically interpreted history at will. (I keep on planning to pop a timeline on the wall somewhere to start help us organize all our departures and explorations historically, but let’s face it–that’s just not something I’m likely to do unless the kids beg me to. So. Probably not going to happen.)

Recently, our library stocked the audio-book version of Horrible Histories, and we are utterly in love. Adapted and narrated in part by original series author Terry Deary (the illustrator on the original series is Martin Brown), each audio version is about 60 minutes long, and produced like a BBC radio play. Which means–they rock.

The kids have been asking to go on car trips and car rides so we could listen to them more (we haven’t had a working CD player or drive in the house for a while!).

If you can get your hands on the books, the magazines, or the audio-books, we all highly recommend them. They are horrible and gory–your preschooler or very sensitive seven year old will be grossed out and possibly traumatized. A 10-year-old boy like Cinder–well. This is what it’s all about right now. The grosser and more horrible the better.

There is also a TV series, but right now it looks like it’s only available in the UK. We’re planning to get our hands on it next time friends fly there or back… and if I’m wrong, and you know how to source it in North America, let me know, okay?

Addendum: Ha, look at this, thanks to the lovely Lucinda (comment below) Horrible Histories on Youtube!

And, if you love them, you can order all three seasons of the BBC Horrible Histories series from iTunes–in the US and in Canada. And the audio books too, if your library doesn’t stock them. The books themselves are now available pretty much everywhere, although for US readers, Ray at Horrible Books has the best stock and the best prices.

History. It’s horrible.


9 responses to “Resource: Horrible Histories, for all your senses

  1. Hi – we love Horrible Histories too! We’re in the UK but we watch most of the TV programmes on YouTube. They’re in smallish clips but put a bunch together on a playlist & you get hours of laughs & learning 🙂 Lucinda

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