“Do you just think the rules don’t apply to you?”


Someone on one of my discussion groups threw that question at me, half in jest—but half seriously—in the context of a discussion about age restriction, sibling restrictions, and other rules that hamper homeschooling efforts in multi-kid families. My answer:

>>I don’t think of those rules as rules so much as… suggestions. Or paths of least resistance. Or guidelines for lazy people.

>> I just got into a class not just weeks past the official registration deadline, but also two and a half weeks after the class started, and after it was pronounced by official computers and administrators and full and closed for registration. Effort on my part: one telephone call with program director and 15 second message to course provider,
total time invested, maybe 3 minutes, the most time intensive part of which was getting the program director’s telephone number…

>> When you want something, when you think something is necessary for you and yours… find a way to do it.

Sometimes, the rules are there for a good and cogent and defensible reason. Sometimes, they’re there just because no one thought about them very deeply. No one challenged them. Be the first.


Say something. Or, you know, don't. But then I'll never know what it is you were thinking...

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