Taking credit for what comes naturally


My two older kids spent the morning trying to teach their 6-month old sibling to crawl. A funnier sight I have never seen, nor a more fitting illustration of the phrase “an exercise in futility.”

Babies learn to crawl when they’re ready, and fortunately, that seems to be one aspect of their development no one (enthusiastic older siblings notwithstanding) tries to rush still. (Although there probably are toys out there marketed as “encourages children to crawl,” aren’t there? bet there are…)

But just suppose, just suppose that today, the day that his siblings chose for the day to start teaching him how to crawl was the day that Ender decided to get his rolly-polly self moving… betcha the “teachers” would take the credit…

From Unschooling Canada, April 19, 2010.

By the way, Ender learned to crawl in June 2010. And was running by September. All on his own.


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