Unschooling New Year’s Resolutions


‘Tis the time of year to reflect and plan and set up goals and aspirations and generally set yourself up for failure and frustration. So here’s an idea for 2013–don’t. And if  goal-setting and re-imagining your life are an integral part of the year turn-over for you… think about resolutions like these 5 new (school) resolutions by Jessica Fisher of Life as Mom and Good Cheap Eats, from last week’s Simple Homeschool blog.

Or, follow the theme set by Emily van Lidth de Jeude at Rickshaw Unschooling in How To Unschool–a lengthy post that boils down to:

Let go of control.

Let go some more.

Let go some more!

Our goals for 2013? To live, laugh, and learn. That pretty much covers it.


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