Practicing for death

Model of a coffin-MBA Lyon H1355-IMG 0517

A non-sequiteur from the cranky trenches, because I have a feeling someone out there today really needs to hear this, and I needed a reminder. This was when someone was explaining to me that I HAD to make Cinder go to kindergarten so he wouldn’t be miserable in grade one, and if I had been a thoughtful and considerate parent, I would have made him go to preschool, so he would be less miserable / more used to the idea of going to kindergarten.

I was very tired and cranky that day, and I said, “Well, by that logic, as we will all die eventually, we should practice lying in a coffin everyday from the day we are born.”

Then I got a visual of babies in cribs and seniors in restraints in nursing homes and adults sleepwalking through life…

Are you living your life practicing for death? I sure as hell am not.

Based on notes from Unschooling Canada post, September 22, 2007


One response to “Practicing for death

  1. It is odd that we practice anything we don’t enjoy. If perhaps we practiced being joyful then death wouldn’t be a worry at all. Or any number of challenges we face in life. It is odd that for all those sharing their thoughts as they face death, “I wish I would have lived more, loved more, sat still more”, that we conintue to follow a path of discomfort because someone else said it was important. I would have been far more nasty in my response – but I’m far less patient. Perhaps I need to practice.

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