“Why is unschooling good? I need a reminder…”

A pile of Lego blocks, of assorted colours and...

Why unschooling is good?

Because yesterday, my almost seven-year-old discovered that e-e and e-a usually make the same sound.

Because he build Lego for three hours before bed time and had a discussion about symmetry, inclined planes and some stuff I didn’t understand at all with his dad.

Because right now, as I’m procrastinating getting upstairs to take my shower, get dressed and get ready to go swimming, my four year old just grabbed a book about telling time off the shelf and is intensely studying it.

Because although today will be full of challenges and stresses–I have to churn out one column by, well, actually, yesterday, but today will do, and get started on something else, and fit in a Spanish class (for me), swimming (for them), a trip to Value Village, a conversation with my mother, walk on the hill with the dog, the kids will probably fight at some point, the four year old with have a meltdown over something (it’s inevitable), the six year old will get frustrated with many something, messes will arise in the most unlikely places, and at 5:30 I will realize that I neglected to prepare anything for supper and we’re all eating PBJ sandwiches, pecans and carrot sticks dipped in mayonaisse–anyway, despite all that, it will be a day in which my children’s need for physical activity will be met, during which they’ll get to explore the world, ask some weird questions, and generally delight me.

And my task is to keep those delightful moments in mind and in focus at the other moments when they’re not being so delightful and I want to throttle them.

Excerpt from a post from February 10, 2008, Unschooling Canada


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