Quote This: Amy on Unschooling

Think Outside the Box

“To me, unschooling means that you educate outside of the box, that you use the resources, the community, and the real life opportunities that surround you to raise curious, knowledge-seeking children.”

Amy, of Worldschool Adventures

I don’t spend a lot of time agonizing over what unschooling means to me–it’s just what we do, you know?–but everyone once in a while, I come across an encapsulation by someone else that comes darn close to my own definition. And this is it. Amy had a fabulous blog at Worldschool Adventures where she documents her family’s “world schooling.” Check it out… she’s probably living your dream. Those post from which I lifted the above quote is this one, How We Educate. Another fabulous feature of this blog is Amy’s blog roll of travelling families… if you need some motivation to get thee and thine on the road?

Photo (Think Outside the Box) by  Lel4nd


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