Be the fossil

Three small ammonite fossils, each approximate...

Or, Story number 13,456,856 why I love, love my kids, and reason 174 why we chose to homeschool

From September 8, 2007, so Floa was 2.75 and Cinder was 5 and change.

‘twas a busy day of packing for a trip, and Flora was following me around with 101 Things You Must Know About Dinosaurs, asking me to read it to her, and I was saying, “After I do this, after I do that.”

Finally, she went to Cinder.

“Have you learnt to read yet?” she asked. “Can you read me this book?”

“No, I just know letters, I can’t read words,” says Cinder. “But I’ve read that book lots, I know most of it. What part do you want me to tell you about?”

So as I scurry to and fro, I hear Cinder explain to Flora how fossils are formed, the names and characteristics of these and those dinosaurs, why sea reptiles and flying reptiles were not dinosaurs, etc. And then I hear him say,

“But the best way to learn about fossils is to be a fossil. Here, go over there and die.”

And I watch out of the corner of my eye as Flora gets covered by blankets and pillows and buried, and then see Cinder be the forces of erosion and an earthquake (“The techtonic plates have shifted”), and then a paleontologist unearthing the Flora-fossil.

Does it get any better than this? Nope.


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