Local Resource: Heritage Trees of Alberta

The "Big Poplar"

You’re frowning, wondering is this woman off her rocker? Could there be a duller title for a book or resouce? Well, yes there could, but here’s a case where you absolutely cannot judge a book by its cover and its title.  Heritage Trees of Alberta, by the Heritage Tree Foundation of Canada, is an absolutely fabulous book. It flags Alberta oldest and also historically significant trees and patches of forest, and with each provides a wonderful story of their significance. Get this fabulous book from our fabulous library, and then start planning off-the-beaten path nature field trips.

Calgary highlights:

Courthouse cherries (along 7th Avenuue by courthouse downtown)

The Stampede elm (Stampede Grounds)

The Bow Trail sentinel (NE corner of Bow Trail and Crowchild)

Rocky Mountain Douglas-Fir in The Bowness Forest

Colorado Blue Spruce in the Rock Reader Garden

Plains Cottonwood in Crescent Heights Community Centre

Russian Poplars along Burns Trail (west side of Macleod Trail, past 162 Avenue)

Trees in surrounding area:

Siberian Elm in Strathmore

Black Cottonwood in Millarville

Balderson Quarter Section Arboretum in Okotoks

St. James Willow in Okotoks

Black cottonwoods by railway in Okotoks

Poplar alley in High River

Remnants of giant cottonwood in High River

Denning Maple near Black Diamond

“Grande Dame” American Elm in Black Diamond

Boundary Pipe on Grass Land Trail, Kananaskis


4 responses to “Local Resource: Heritage Trees of Alberta

  1. My grandfather planted the poplars along Burns Trail when he was a cowboy for Burns Ranch.

  2. I see no mention of Burr Oaks on 18th ave east of 4th st Nw in Calgary.

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