How you find out what they know


In the bath tub:

Cinder: Flora? You know the Rocky Mountains? How they were formed?

Flora: How?

Cinder: From dinosaur bones.

Flora: Cinder, do you think I’m stupid?

Cinder: No… but I was hoping you were gullible.

A few minutes later:

Flora: What’s a number with six zeros called again?

Cinder: A million.

Flora: How about with seven zeros?

Cinder: That’s boring, why don’t you ask me what a number with 100 zeroes is called?

Flora: Because I know that’s a googol. What’s a seven zero one called?

Cinder: Oh, it’s called a… oh, I don’t know. Mom! What’s a number that’s one with seven zeros called?

Jane: The first number with seven zeroes is… um… [grabs a piece of paper…] ten million.

Cnder: Well? Isn’t that boring?

a few minutes later still…

[I zoned out for the intro to this, so have no idea what led to this]

Flora: And is that how the tragic penis-vulva accident happened?

J: What?

Cinder: You probably don’t want to know, Mom!

From Nothing By The Book, June 13, 2011


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