Local Resource: The Incredibly Affordable City of Calgary Arts and Recreation Programmes

Olympic Plaza in the Arts District

The release of each season’s Recreation Guide by The City of Calgary is a major event in our home, as it is at that of every Calgary homeschooling family I know. Want to see if your kid likes dance, drama, soccer, clay, rock climbing–really, just about anything–but don’t want to make the commitment/pay the fees required by semester-long or year-long programmes? Try out one of the city programmes. They’re short: as short as two, rarely longer than nine, weeks in duration. They’re affordable. They have, in our experience, consistently good content and instructors–and, if you have the misfortune of an instructor-child mismatch, reasonable refund policies.

Cinder and Flora have taken a lot of art, and in particular clay, classes at the City’s art studios. Flora’s also had her first taste of dance and drama there, and we annually take a family art class with the city. There’s also an actual Homeschool Art program many of our friends have taken that they give good reviews to.

The front of each paper copy of the guide (this info is more difficult to find on-line) contains a summary of the various free events available in the city that season, from lawn chair theatre to tours of the cemeteries and gardens, nature walks, art shows, free swims, and others.

Then there’s the recreation you pursue in your own time. The City’s pools and leisure centres are fabulous and as a homeschooling family you get to experience them in off-hours.


Calgary-city (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The only other thing you’ll need is a library card.


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